THESSALONIKI METRO – Proposals targeted to support Thessaloniki Traders and Professionals

During a meeting held in ATTIKO METRO S.A./ Thessaloniki Metro premises, in the presence of Mr. Mangriotis, Deputy Minister of YPYMEDI, the representatives of the city’s entrepreneurs and professionals, agreed on the measures destined to aid the businesses and professionals activated in the areas located near Thessaloniki Metro worksites.

The requests of the above representatives shall be channeled to social security funds, public utility organizations, as well as to all involved ministries with the purpose of obtaining the approval of the proposed special provisions and support measures for the businesses affected by the Metro construction works.

We point out that a list with all shops and entrepreneurs located within the Metro station construction influence zone has already been compiled by the Thessaloniki Traders Association, the concerned chambers and the Traders Association of Thessaloniki Prefecture.

During the said meeting, a discussion was held with representatives of Thessaloniki municipality responsible Departments concerning traffic arrangements and space reconfigurations within the areas where Metro stations are constructed.

This meeting was attended by:

Mr. Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Chairman of Thessaloniki Chamber of Handicrafts;

Mr. Michalis Zorpidis, Chairman of Thessaloniki Chamber of Professionals;

Mr. Yiannis Mandrinos, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Professionals of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki;

Mr. Emmanuel Vlachoyiannis, Vice Chairman of Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

Mr. Kosmas Kaloyiannis, Vice Chairman of Thessaloniki Trade Association;

Mr. Michalis Chrysochoidis, Secretary General of Thessaloniki Hotel Owners Association;

Mr. Marinos Tsangarakis, Deputy Director of the Exporters Association in Northern Greece;

Ms. Eleni Fountoulidou, Manager of Thessaloniki Municipality Construction Department and Mr. Simos Christotzoglou, member of Thessaloniki Municipality Traffic Department.

On behalf of ATTIKO METRO S.A., the meeting was attended by Mr. George Konstantinidis, Manager of Thessaloniki Metro Project.


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