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THESSALONIKI METRO – Presentation of the Thessaloniki Metro Project to a Group of European Parliament MPs


Mr. Giorgos Konstantinides, Manager of Thessaloniki Metro Projects Department of ATTIKO METRO S.A. presented the progress of Thessaloniki Metro Projects to a large group of the European Parliament Regional Development Committee’s members, during a special event that was organized at Thessaloniki City Hall building.

The presentation of the Metro project evolution was made on the same day when the works commenced for the construction of the New Railway Station building, immediately after the completion of the archaeological investigation. Mr. Konstantinides stressed that the archaeological excavation works which commenced at the beginning of 2011, were completed very swiftly, permitting thus the commencement of the construction works, which are expected to be completed within the next 10-month period, at which time the re-configured street level shall be delivered to serve the its usual functions.

The New Railway Station is the terminal station of Thessaloniki Metro network, as well as a key station for the urban and intercity transport system. It will be located at a depth of 16 meters below the surface and its construction will occupy approximately 40 persons.

Within the next month, and once the geotechnical problems that emerged in that area are resolved, the construction of “Analipsi” Station shall commence. As already announced, the portion of Dephon Street located between M. Botsari and P. Syndika streets shall remain closed for a period of 10 months, during the construction of this particular station. Concurrent with the works for the construction of the Stations is the boring of the tunnel using a TBM, from “Efklides” Station towards “Fleming” Station. It must be noted that within the next week the first TBM arrives at “Fleming” Station.

Up to the present date, 36.8% of the Civil Works have been completed and ATTIKO METRO, in view of a prompt solution to the problem that has emerged concerning “Papafio” Station, has already proceeded to the required revision of the relevant designs, since the existing delays generated due to the appeal filed by Papafio Foundation to the Council of the State, impose the construction of a tunnel.

As regards the problems the Project was faced with and the reasons for the delays, please note that the city’s long line of history (23 centuries) made imperative the execution of extensive archaeological excavations; please also note the selected design-construction method required longer time for the projects maturing process. Nevertheless, Thessaloniki Metro Department of ATTIKO METRO made some coordinated efforts and successfully managed of better organize and expedite the works, as well as to mitigate the impact on the project’s construction time.

Archaeological excavation works are presently carried out at the Stations of “Platia Dimokratias”, “Aghia Sophia”, “Venizelou” and “Sintrivani”. The critical factor for the completion of the Metro base project is the completion of the archaeological investigations at “Aghia Sophia” Station.

During the presentation, Mr. Konstantinides made also reference to the extension to Kalamaria – currently at its tendering phase – as well to the planning of the other extensions.

This presentation was attended by nine European Parliament MPs, as well as by executive members of the Committee, who were subsequently given a tour to the construction site of “Sintrivani” Station by the Thessaloniki Metro Projects Manager and other executives.

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