METRO THESSALONIKI – The co-operation between ATTIKO METRO S.A. and Thessaloniki Municipal and Private Organizations becomes finally real

The Memorandum of Cooperation between Attiko Metro S.A./Thessaloniki Metro Project and the city’s agencies is finally materialized. In the two meetings held today with representatives of the entrepreneurs, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Municipality of Thessaloniki, specific decisions were made as regards the implementation of measures related, on the one hand, to the support provided to enterprises and employees affected by the Metro construction works and, on the other hand, to the re-organization of urban areas in the vicinity of the Metro stations, the re-configuration of parking areas and traffic arrangements.

As stated by the Deputy Minister of YPYMEDI Mr. Yiannis Mangriotis, who also chaired the aforementioned meetings, “it was ascertained once more that all parties are willing to find ways and means to support the professional agencies and employees which have been affected and continue to be affected by the Metro construction works, as well as to utilize to the maximum possible extent the specific Project, which is the major national project currently under construction, in order to improve the function of the city and the every-day life of its citizens and make the comparative advantages of Thessaloniki – being both urban and financial centre – stand out”.

During the first meeting, attended by representatives of the city’s entrepreneurs, Mr. Mangriotis ensured that the Ministers of Finance and the Public Businesses and Organizations (DEKO) CEOs are willing to assist in the introduction of supporting measures for the enterprises affected, on the basis of specific objective and unimpeachable criteria. These measures shall be finalized upon the presentation of a proposal to be submitted by the end of May by the Work Team concerned.

During this meeting Mr. George Konstantinidis, Manager of Thessaloniki Metro Project, presented the measures introduced by Attiko Metro S.A./Thessaloniki Metro related to the improvement of the image of the worksites and the limitation of the areas occupied by the worksites, the expedition of works executed at the various stations, the aesthetic upgrading of the fencing and to the protection of the enterprises in the vicinity of the stations.

The following agencies’ representatives participated in the said meeting, namely:

  • Mr. Yiannis Mandrinos, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Professionals of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki;
  • Mr. Aristotelis Thomopoulos, Chairman of the Association of Hotel Managers of Thessaloniki Prefecture;
  • Mr. Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Chairman of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Handicrafts;
  • Mr. Emmanuel Vlachoyiannis, Vice Chairman A of Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki;
  • Christos Vassilakos Vice-Chairman A of Professionals Chamber of Thessaloniki;
  • Mr. Kosmas Kaloyiannis Vice Chairman of Thessaloniki Trade Association;
  • Ms. Christina Molfesi Manager of Thessaloniki Trade Association.

In the second meeting that followed with the participation of representatives of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Mr. Mangriotis stressed that, based on the pertinent legislation and through the provision to be included in the Government Bill for the award of designs and public works, Attiko Metro shall be entitled to construct parking facilities in the city of Thessaloniki as well.

Parking Facility in the area of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

During the aforementioned meeting, an agreement was made for the participation of representatives of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Attiko Metro in a Work Team, which shall undertake the design process for the construction of two parking facilities in the University areas, i.e. one parking facility in the University gym field area (junction of Ag. Dimitriou and 3rd Septemvriou streets) and a second one in the area of the crossover/ Sintrivani.

Moreover, a commitment was made to investigate the areas to be proposed by the Municipality of Thessaloniki for the creation of parking facilities. The construction of the aforementioned parking facilities shall progress based on the suggestions existing in the viability and impact studies to be prepared, while these studies shall also investigate any eventual funding schemes.

It is noted that the Municipality of Thessaloniki was bound to fund immediately the execution of traffic arrangement works around the Metro stations, should Attiko Metro undertakes the preparation of the relevant designs. Moreover, as stated by the Vice Mayor Mr. Andreas Kourakis, the Municipality of Thessaloniki intends to make available municipal areas for the development of parking facilities.

Finally, as regards aesthetic interventions, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is willing, in cooperation with the School of Fine Arts, to contribute to the improvement of the worksite facades and the display of archaeological finds, while it proposes that the final configuration of SINTRIVANI and PANEPISTIMIO Stations provides evidence on their vicinity with the University campus.

The following representatives of the Municipality of Thessaloniki also participated in the aforementioned meeting. In particular:

  • Mr. Andreas Kourakis, Vice-Mayor of Urban Planning, Town Planning and Networks of Thessaloniki;
  • Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, Vice Mayor, responsible for the Environment & Unbuilt Areas Directorate, Member of the BoD of Attiko Metro S.A.;
  • Mr. Konstantinos Belibassakis, Manager of the Design Department;
  • Ms. Eleni Fountoulidou, Manager of the Construction Department;
  • Mr. Pavlos Charalambidis, Manager of the Traffic Department.

On the part of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, those who attended the meeting were as follows: Mr. Yiannis Pantis, Deputy Dean, and the following professors – members of the Committee concerned, namely: Mr. Spyros Spatalas, Mr. Theodoros Hatzigogos, Mr. George Mintsis, Mr. Michael Tiverios (Attiko Metro Consultant on issues related to Archaeology), Mr. George Divaris and Mr. George Tsakiris.


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