THESSALONIKI METRO – The Shop-owners in Monastiriou Street express their thoughts about the progress of the Metro works

Attiko Metro S.A / Thessaloniki Metro hereby expresses its satisfaction, since the efforts that have been made during the last year, and are still being made, have a positive impact on the shop-owners in Monastiriou Street, who expressed their will to support the Project in an open-letter of theirs.

The letter drafted by the shop-owners of the area, who are affected by the Metro construction works, constitutes the best reward for the Ministry of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks (YPYMEDI), the Management and the employees of Attiko Metro and for the executives and the employees of the contracting joint venture for the efforts they all have been made. We hereby quote this letter, signed by Mr. Theodoros Pamboukis representative of the aforesaid shop-owners, and give our re-assurance that we will keep on doing our best to accelerate the construction rate, for this project to be handed over to the citizens of Thessaloniki, to its visitors and to all those developing financial and other activities in our city.

The text of the subject letter is as follows:

“Today, Tuesday April 12th 2011, and after the long-lasting blocking of our shops by the Metro worksites, the worksite of Vardariou was shifted to the northern part of Monastiriou Street, freeing this way, the section of Monastiriou in front of our shops.

The major problem that has troubled us has now been solved. After years and years of inconvenience and hardship, the Project is finally progressing. During the last year, the foundations for the better functioning of the worksites were laid; especially, during the last six-month period, the progress rate of the project was tremendously accelerated thanks to the implementation of the new designs/plans. The evolution of the project was outstanding and this is due to the will of the new Administration of the Ministry and the new executives of ATTIKO METRO, who – based on a better organization and on the employment of new staff – managed to make real a project that seemed to be “stagnant” for the last four years. The worksites’ status changed to the better and the efforts made by all parties involved towards the completion of the project is more than obvious. All ranks – from Managers to workers – are struggling for this very Project.

The results of their work gave us hope and made us choose their side; we are all supporting this project. They managed to change our attitude; we are no long protesting but rather supporting this project since we acknowledge the sincere effort made. We certainly acknowledge it and we must express our gratitude to those who revived the project, namely:

The new political leadership through Deputy Minister, Mr. Yiannis Mangriotis, the new management of ATTIKO METRO and Mr. Zervas, member of the BoD; the new executives of ATTIKO METRO in Thessaloniki, Mr. G. Konstantinidis, Manager, Mr. G. Karakitsios, Deputy-Manager, Mr. K. Kolomondos, General Supervisor, and Messrs. G. Goultidis and G. Karambalis, Supervisors; the executives of the joint venture, namely Mr. M. Simas, Manager, Mr. N. Koutavas, Manager of AEGEK, Mr. Ch. Tzavelas, Worksite Manager, Mr. D. Oikonomidis, Foreman, the archaeologists and others. But most of all we would like to express our gratitude to the workers who work on a 24-hour basis, the employees’ union and Mr. Ch. Kyprianidis its chairman, who stood by our side more than anyone, providing us information about the progress of the works and assisting us in dealing with our problems.

In conclusion, we truly hope that the progress rate exhibited in the last months will not change and, if possible, will be intensified, so as to be able to enjoy in practice the Metro system”.

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