Cooperation between ATTIKO METRO, representatives of entrepreneurs, employees and the Municipality of Thessaloniki

The subject of the meeting, held on the initiative of the Deputy Minister of YPOMEDI Mr. Yiannis Mangriotis, for the establishment of a social partnership relationship between Attiko Metro / Thessaloniki Metro and the Thessaloniki Agencies, was to seek methods to support those businesses that have suffered and still suffer damage due to the construction of the Thessaloniki Metro Project.

Representatives of the city ’s entrepreneurs, employees and Thessaloniki Municipality, as well as the Thessaloniki Metro Project Manager Mr. George Konstantinidis participated in the subject meeting that was held at Attiko Metro S.A./Thessaloniki Metro Premises.

The following agencies’ representatives participated in the said meeting, namely:

Mr. Andreas Kourakis,Vice-Mayor of Urban Planning, Town Planning and Networks of Thessaloniki;

Mr. Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Chairman of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Handicrafts;

Mr. Yiannis Mandrinos, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Professionals of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki;

Mr. Panagiotis Tsaramboulidis, Chairman of the Labor and Employment Center of Thessaloniki;

Mr. Manolis Vlachoyiannis, Vice Chairman A of Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki;

Mr. Christos Vassilakos, Vice-Chairman A of Professionals Chamber of Thessaloniki;

Mr. Kosmas Kaloyiannis, Vice Chairman and Ms. Christina Molfesi Manager of Thessaloniki Trade Association;

Ms. Stella Politou, Manager of Services of the Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece (SEVE).

All parties involved expressed specific proposals about the support to the professional agencies and employees, as well as about the enhancement of the areas surrounding Thessaloniki Metro project worksites.

The proposals submitted will be evaluated and the final decisions will be made during the meeting that will be held in the near future.

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