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THESSALONIKI METTRO – Local Government Authorities support THESSALONIKI METRO Project


The representatives of the Local Government Authorities welcomed the initiative taken by Yiannis Mangriotis,Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Infrastructures Transport and Networks (YPOMEDI) and Mr. Christos Tsitouras,Chairman of ATTIKO METRO S.A., to brief the Mayors of the Thessaloniki Urban Cluster, as well as the representativesof the De-centralized Administration of Macedonia – Thrace and the Elected Region of Central Macedonia, about theprogress of THESSALONIKI METRO Project.

Mr. Yiannis Boutaris, Thessaloniki Mayor, attended the meeting held at Attiko Metro / Thessaloniki Metro premises,proving, thus, his commitment expressed during the pre-election period for the support of the Metro Project.

The subject meeting set the bases for the cooperation between Attiko Metro and the Municipalities to be served bythe Thessaloniki Metro Lines Network; the objective was to address the problems raised during the construction of theproject and, at the same time, to utilize both the new important infrastructure of Thessaloniki and the significantarchaeological finds brought to light thanks to Metro works. The framework of this cooperation shall be set through theMemorandum to be signed between Attiko Metro and Thessaloniki Authorities.

Both the Deputy Minister of YPOMEDI and the Chairman of Attiko Metro S.A. stressed that this meeting was not only held for information purposes, since proposals were also requested to be submitted as regards the preliminary alignments selected for the west extensions of Thessaloniki Urban Cluster.

Upon completion of the meeting and during the press conference, Mr. Mangriotis pointed out that “Our aim is todevelop, in the years to come, a 33km Metro network to serve the entire Thessaloniki Urban Cluster”.

“By the end of 2014, in the beginning of 2015, the base line of the project within the boundaries of Thessaloniki Municipality will have been completed. By the end of 2011, and on condition that no objections are filed, we will have appointed the Contractor to undertake the Kalamaria extension to Mikra; this line will have been completed within 2015”.

“In 2013, our planning along with the acceleration of the pertinent designs foresees tendering of the first westboundline towards Efkarpia and its extension to “Papageorgiou” Hospitals. We are also planning the construction of the lineto cross Western Thessaloniki, which will pass through Xinokrini, Ambelokipous, Menemeni, Eleftherio – Kordelio and Evosmos areas”.

Statements made by Mr. Ch. Tsitouras

Subsequently, Mr. Tsitouras stated that Attiko Metro S.A, in view of serving in the best possible way public interest,had the obligation to re-examine part of the base line alignment from “Patrikios” Station up to Nea Elvetia. Thanks to the design modification, we have saved the amount of approximately 250 million Euro that can be utilized to fund the construction of the supplementary line “Panepistimio – Toumba – Charilaou – Pylaia Terminal”.

As explained by the Chairman of Attiko Metro S.A., “the alignment of the base line has been designed in the past anddid not take into account either the extension to Kalamaria or the new line Toumba – Charilaou”.

“Let me clarify that no station is abolished further to the aforementioned modifications. “Voulgari” Station is slightly shifted to the extension to Kalamaria. “Nea Elvetia” Station is slightly shifted to a more suitable area, as also requested by Thessaloniki Municipality a year ago”.

“The recommendation regarding the subject modifications has been presented before the competent Authorities who gave their consent. All relevant procedures towards the Political Leadership, the Payment Authority, the Management Authorities and the Municipal Authorities involved have been completed and the subject issue will be settled in the next weeks”.

Finally, Mr. Tsitouras pointed out that the modification of the alignment does not dictate any re-negotiation of the contract of the project.

During the long-hour meeting, there has been a fruitful discussion with the representatives of the Local Government Authorities, all of whom pointed out the need for the extension of the network. The Mayors of the Western Suburbs of Thessaloniki will consider the submission of a joint proposal to Attiko Metro as regards the alignments. The proposals of the Municipality of Thermi for the Airport Extension alignment shall be also taken into consideration.

Mr. Tsitouras committed himself that the proposals of the Local Government representatives be examined during the meeting of the Company’s Planning Department to be held next week in Thessaloniki.

The representatives of the following authorities participated in the meeting:

Mr. Thymios Sokos, Secretary General of the De-centralized Administration of Macedonia – Thrace.

Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Regional Vice-Governor of Central Macedonia and Mr. Antonios Bamiatzis, Regional Consultant on Central Macedonia Transport issues.

Mr. Yiannis Boutaris, Thessaloniki Mayor, Mr. Andreas Kourakis, Vice-Mayor of Urban Planning, Town Planning andNetworks and Mr. Konstantinos Zervas, Deputy Mayor of Environment & Non-Built Areas and Member of Attiko MetroS.A BoD.

Mr. Simos Daniilidis, Mayor of Sykeon-Neapoli.

Mr. Theodossis Bakoglidis, Mayor of Kalamaria, and Mr. Dimosthenis Sarigiannis, Vice-Mayor of Technical Services.

Mr. Stathis Lafazanidis, Mayor of Eleftherio-Kordelio and Mr. Lazaros Katsias, Vice-Mayor of Technical Services.

Mr. Diamantis Papadopoulos, Mayor of Pavlos Melas.

Mr. Theodoros Papadopoulos, Mayor of Thermi.

Mr. Lazaros Kyrizoglou, Mayor of Ambelokipi-Menemeni.

Mr. George Tsigros, Vice-Mayor of Technical Services of Pylaia – Chortiatis.

Mr. George Konstantinides, Thessaloniki Metro Projects Manager, gave the relevant clarifications on technical issues to the authorities representatives.

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