THESSALONIKI METRO – Minister Mr. Dimitris Reppas presented the Strategic Plan of Infrastructure and Transport for Thessaloniki

Extract from the Press Release of the speech given by the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Mr. Dimitris Reppas.

Construction of Thessaloniki Metro base line and implementation of its extensions towards Kalamaria and the Airport as well as towards the Western suburbs.
We characterized Thessaloniki Metro Project as a Project “hostage” of the problems inherited to us by “Nea Dimocratia” Party for the following reasons:
More than four years have passed upon signing the construction contract (07.04.2006); in other words, 64% of the contracting time period has elapsed, while only 14.5% of the financial scope of the Project has been completed. This means that until the present day, the total time period of the delays is over 2.5 years.

The discussions with the contracting Joint Venture are at a well-advanced stage and we have now good reason to be optimistic about the progress of the project. More precisely, our discussions had a happy ending, crowed by the re-lauching of the TBM machines on 2/8/2010.
With regard to the extension to Kalamaria, following the decision of the new management of ATTIKO METRO S.A., the relevant design is being prepared by ATTIKO METRO itself with the assistance of special consultants on specific issues. The preparation of an advanced preliminary design for stations, tunnels and shafts, covering transport, structural, architectural, electromechanical, railway and operational matters, is well in progress. These designs shall be completed by the end of 2010.
The pre-selection procedure for the Contractor of Civil Works and the main electromechanical systems is in progress.
Mikra Depot, to serve both the base line and the extensions, can be located at the end of the line in Mikra area.
The extensions towards Stavroupoli (Dimokratias – Efkarpia – Papageorgiou Hospital), Evosmos (New Railway Station – Evosmos) and the Airport (the possibility to construct this extension using an overhead fixed route transportation mode – Monorail type is being examined) are at a preliminary design stage.

Extract from the Press Release of the Technical Chamber of Greece concerning the launching of the Strategic Plan of Infrastructure and Transport for Thessaloniki 2010-2020.


With regard to the System of Public Transport, provision is made for a network of infrastructures, consisting of: fixed route transportation modes (Metro, suburban railway, tram), bus lines, adequately structured around these modes of transport and/or independent ones, and other lines of mass transport, should these be deemed necessary and viable (e.g. sea transport).

With regard to the fixed route transportation modes, the following is proposed:

  • Extension to Kalamaria of the Metro line currently under construction and construction of a Depot in Mikra.
  • Design of the extensions of the Metro base line towards “Macedonia” Airport, “Papageorgiou” Hospital, the Municipality of Evosmos and creation of a second branch of the line towards Toumba – Harilaou – Pylaia.
  • Terminal stations in the form of integrated multi-mode transportation centers at the New Railway Station, Mikra and Karatassou Camp/Papageorgiou Hospital.
  • Connection of Sindos with the city center through the existing alignment of OSE Line.
  • Design of the two connecting tramway lines to the western and eastern suburbs of Thessaloniki.

The remaining public transportation system of Thessaloniki shall be served by properly-structured bus lines in order to supplement and feed the fixed route transportation modes. The creation of an extended and strictly policed network of bus lanes is of primary importance. In combination with the proposed infrastructures, the creation of an agent responsible for the design, coordination and development of infrastructures and control is deemed necessary (evolution of Thessaloniki’s Urban Transport Authority SASTH) for the entire system of the Public Transport Modes of the city of Thessaloniki.

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