ATHENS METRO: HOLARGOS metro station is given to the public



HOLARGOS Station is given to the public. HOLARGOS Station is located at a depth of 22 meters underneath Messogion Avenue at its junction with Faneromenis Street.

During the ceremony for the delivery of the project to ATTIKO METRO Operations Company S.A., the Chairman of ATTIKO METRO S.A., Mr. Christos Tsitouras pointed out the following:

“A particularly significant Station, anticipated to serve more than 20,000 passengers on a daily basis, is added today to Athens Metro network. Despite the delay in its construction time schedule, HOLARGOS Station provides now the opportunity to the citizens of the municipalities of Holargos, Neo Psychiko and Halandri to reach comfortably, safely and fast the center of Athens (Syntagma) in only 9 minutes approximately.

The archaeological excavations were one of the reasons which caused the delay to the project time schedule. However, significant finds (ancient road leading to the area of Messogia, sculpture foundry, tombs, etc.) were brought to light to be revealed in specially configured areas of the station.

Citizens shall also be able to use the station as an underground passageway underneath Messogion Avenue. It is worth pointing out that HOLARGOS Station is the only station of the network fitted with a specially configured “walkway-bridge” over the platforms offering passengers the view of moving trains.

At the same time, a three-storey underground parking area is released to the public at NOMISMATOKOPIO Station; this parking facility has 630 parking spaces and is directly connected with NOMISMATOKOPIO Station. Thus, the citizens have now the option to park their car at this facility and use the Metro for a quick and a reliable transfer to their destination avoiding the traffic congestion on the streets leading to the center of the city.

ATTIKO METRO S.A. keeps up its intensive efforts to deliver the remaining 8 stations of the Metro extensions to the public the soonest possible and to introduce new major projects, such as the Metro Extension to Piraeus”.


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