THESSALONIKI METRO: Announcement by the ATTIKO METRO S.A board regarding the construction of PAPAFI station

On the occasion of the press release issued on 31/5/2010 by the Board of Directors of Papafeio Institute, via its attorney-at-law, ATTIKO METRO S.A. wishes to communicate the following to all interested parties:

The temporary order issued by Section F’ of the State Council concerns exclusively the suspension of the works for cutting trees in the area of Papafeio, while the scheduled preparatory works for the worksite installation are not affected in any way; instead they are being continued unobstructedly. Besides, at this phase of the works, cutting of trees was not foreseen.

ATTIKO METRO, as always, shall respect the decisions made by the Greek Justice. It is stressed that the area was temporarily occupied respecting the will of the State that owns the subject property, while all lawful preconditions have already been strictly observed.

It is worth mentioning that any delay in the construction of “Papafi Station”, due to the inconsistency of the position of Papafi Management, shall result in delaying the completion of the entire THESSALONIKI METRO Project, causing, thus, inconvenience to Thessaloniki residents, additional financial cost to be borne by all citizens, as well as the eventual loss of significant Community resources.

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