LINE 3 EXTENSION – Cancellation and re-procurement of the Tender for the Metro Extension to Piraeus

The ATTIKO METRO S.A. Communication Office issued the following announcement:

ATTIKO METRO S.A. made the decision to cancel the Tender for the Metro Line 3 Extension to the western suburbs, ending in the area of Piraeus, and has already commenced its re-procurement process through the call for a new tender within this week. The decision regarding the cancellation of the Tender was dictated by the following reasons:

1. First of all, the Metropolitan Bishop of Piraeus District, the Prefecture and the Municipal Authorities expressed their disagreement as to the construction of EVANGELISTRIA Terminal Station in front of the Home for Aged People of Piraeus District, thus, leading to the deletion of this Station; as a result, DIMOTIKO THEATRO would be the terminal station of the said extension.

2. The bidding consortia of Major Greek and Foreign construction companies – in order to serve their own interests – were involved in an endless litigation and kept on filing objections and appeals to the Greek Courts as well as complaints to the European Commission aiming at excluding their adversaries from the tender.

3. Despite the fact that the Greek Courts rejected all appeals of the bidding consortia, one of the appeals was positively addressed by the European Commission. The European Commission changed its former positive stand as regards the said tender – and, even the more so, without any new data, as recently admitted in writing – and it adopted interpretations, which restrict the number of the bidding constructing firms, thus, eliminating the competition; as a result, the Tender reached a legal deadlock. Nobody knows what would be the decision of the Greek Courts if they took cognizance of the contradicting successive positions of the European Commission.
The policy adopted by the Ministry of PEHODE aims at fortifying the competition in order to secure public interest.

For all the reasons mentioned above, we cancelled the tender procedure and initiated a new procurement.

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