THE MINISTER OF PEHODE VISITED ILIOUPOLI Station – Mr.George Souflias visited the worksite of ILIOUPOLI Station and witnessed the breakthrough of the Tunnel Boring Machine

The Minister of PEHODE, Mr. George Souflias, upon arrival of the new Tunnel Boring Machine at ILIOUPOLI Station made the following statements:

“We came here today at the Metro Line 2 Extension from Aghios Dimitrios to Ellinilko, with 5.5. km of underground tunnel and 4 new stations: ILIOUPOLI – ALIMOS – ARGYROUPOLI – ELLINIKO. When the Tunnel Boring Machine named “Ninis” entered ELLLINIKO Station 18 months ago, I had told you that he would soon score at Ilioupoli. Today, the Tunnel Boring Machine named “Ninis” scored at the forth and last Station in the area of Ilioupoli, since below surface, at a rapid pace and without any inconvenience to the city function 4,655m. of lined tunnel were excavated and constructed. There is only a small section left up to its connection with the tunnel leading to AGHIOS DIMITRIOS Station in operation.

And it’s not only that.
– The construction of ELLINIKO and ARGYROUPOLI Stations has currently been completed and architectural finishes works are already in progress, i.e. the installation of granites, marbles, etc.
– At ILIOUPOLI Station, the station we visit today, only the shell has been constructed and, upon departure of the TBM, the levels of the Stations will be constructed.
– In addition, excavation works at ALIMOS Station will be soon completed; however, there is a delay due to the significant archaeological finds that have been encountered and the relevant approvals by the Central Archaeological Council.
– Finally, construction works at the underground 8-train stabling shed past Elliniko Terminal station, 897m. of underground tunnel length, were recently completed and architectural finishes commenced.

To realize the magnitude of this complicated project, 700 persons of various specialties are engaged in Metro works at 16 worksite areas (stations, entrances/exits, ventilation shafts, underground train stabling area); I should express my appreciation to all these persons who make effort on a daily basis to implement the extension to Elliniko adhering to the set time schedule.
Based on the Contract, the project would be completed in December 2009, but due to the delay because of the archaeological finds that have been encountered, it is estimated that the operation of this new Metro extension will commence early 2010. It is pointed out that, in rush hour, the distance from the Elliniko to Syntagma is covered in at least 45 minutes by car, while by metro the same distance is only covered in 15 minutes. It is foreseen that over 80,000 passengers will use this new Metro extension on a daily basis.

The Ministry of PEHODE and ATTIKO METRO S.A. have made provisions for the creation of Transfer Stations to and from the bus lines at all stations, as well as the construction of private vehicle park areas. At each station there will be a car park area.

Finally, another unknown aspect of this extension located far from the historical center of the city, is the long lasting archaeological excavation which brought to light significant archaeological finds and is still in progress concurrently with the advance in the construction works of the project. At this point, I wish to stress that very important finds of our cultural heritage will be displayed at the new Metro Stations, at the exact location where they were encountered, by the Ministry of PEHODE ’s funding.

We currently implement one of the most extended Metro Project fronts currently carried out in Europe. Based on hard and systematic work, we implement projects that will change the daily life of citizens and will upgrade the quality of our life. In particular, apart from the 4 Stations of this Extension to Elliniko, underground tunnels and Stations to AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI), PERISTERI, ANTHOUPOLI, as well as to HOLARGOS, NOMISMATOKOPIO and AGHIA PARASKEVI are also constructed at an intensive pace. I reiterate that the tender for the Metro extension to Piraeus is in progress, with 6 new Stations and we advance at a fast pace the design and the tendering procedure of Line U (Line 4) with 20km and 20 Stations (GALATSI-KYPSELI-PANEPISTIMIO-ZOGRAFOU-KIFISSIAS-MAROUSSI).

I express my thanks to the Management of ATTIKO METRO S.A., the persons engaged in this Project and the construction firms, which is not only a very significant transportation project but also the most important environmental project in this aggravated area of Attica basin.




  • The project will be entirely below surface with terminations at the street level in the areas of the Stations and shafts.
  • AGHIOS DIMITRIOS-ELLINIKO tunnel extension is 5,5 km long.3
  • Four new Stations will be constructed and they will be named for the areas where they will be located: i.e. the Municipalities of Ilioupoli, Alimos, Argyroupoli and Elliniko. The said stations are located as follows:
    • ILIOUPOLI Station: Vouliagmenis Av. & Kleanthous Street.
    • ALIMOS Station: Vouliagmenis Avenue and Thermopylon Street.
    • ARGYROUPOLI Station: Vouliagmenis Av. and Pontou Street.
    • ELLINIKO Station: Vouliagmenis Av. & Iassonidou Street
  • The Stations present similarities in their architectural arrangement with recognizable shelters at most of their entrances. Each Station is 110 m. long with three levels: platforms, concourse level, E/M equipment level.
  • At each station there are entrances/exits on either side of Vouliagmenis Av. which can be used as underground passageway for the public (during the Metro operation).
  • Persons with special needs will have full access to Stations.
  • The 8- train stabling area is fully below surface under the street enabling access to the former eastern airport.
  • The planning of the project was based on the most recent specifications and standards and meets the strictest safety standards
  • This extension will mainly serve the Municipalities of Aghios Dimitrios, Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli, Alimos & Elliniko. In the direct infuence zone of the project (a 500m. radius from the Stations) it is estimated that 34,000 people live, while in the commercial zone of these areas there are 18,000 work positions.
  • Anticipated ridership: 80,000 passengers on a daily basis.
  • Daily Vehicular circulation reduced by approximately 50,000 vehicles.
  • Design headways between trains: 3 minutes (A’ phase of operation- in rush hour-late 2009): 5 minutes.
  • Distance between Elliniko & Syntagma covered in 14 minutes (the said distance is currently covered in at least 45 minutes by car).
  • In addition to the construction works required for the Metro extension to Elliniko, ATTIKO METRO initiates the creation of appropriate transfer facilities for passengers travelling from the northern suburbs thanks to OASA bus line system as well as via park and ride facilities.
TUNNEL BORING MACHINE with earth pressure balance shield

Main Technical Characteristics


Total Length:94 m.
 Head diameter: 9,5 m.
 Weight: 1.100 tn
 Power: 3.580 kW

The Machine is equipped with:

  • Control Center with up-to-date systems
  • Single track system deck for the discharge of prefabricated segments of the tunnel and other material
  • Crane
  • Grout pump system
  • Conveyor belt system (650 m3 per hour of excavation debris)
  • Infrastructure and connection with surface facilities (ventilation, power supply, cooling water, compressed air, etc.)
  • Interconnection system and telephone network
  • Fire protection and fire fighting system
  • First aid equipment
  • Storage areas
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