ATHENS METRO – Statements by the Minister of PEHODE about the Metro extensions to Aghia Marina (Haidari), Peristeri & Anthoupoli


Mr. George Souflias, Minister of PEHODE, inspected the Attiko Metro Projects in the western suburbs of Athens Basin and made the following statements:

Today we had the chance to see closely the development of the construction activities in the extension of Metro Line 3 towards Aghia Marina (Haidari) and I must confess that I am quite satisfied from the progress of the works, since only 180 meters are left for the completion of the entire new Line from a Project whose design had not even been completed in March 2004. Further to hard and systematic efforts, this Project has been designed and tendered in record time, the phases of the Tender have been completed quite fast, and, today 87% of the underground line, 1,419m. long, from Egaleo to Aghia Marina (Haidari) has been bored. This achievement is the outcome of laborious efforts made by the Attiko Metro and the Contracting Consortium executives.
Over 300 employees are engaged in the Project on a daily basis, so as to have the Metro Extension to Aghia Marina (Haidari) commissioned by the end of 2009.

AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) is a “border line” Station, since it is located within Agia Varvara Municipality, opposite to Egaleo Municipal Hall and shall also serve the adjacent Municipality of Aghia Marina (Haidari). Needless to say that there is an intense dispute about the name of this Station. AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) Station will constitute a reference point for the wider area and will enhance – not only in terms of public transport – the … rather abandoned Western Suburbs of the Basin. In line with Attiko Metro designs, it is estimated that over 30,000 citizens will use this Extension on a daily basis, let alone the fact that it will take just 9 minutes to reach Syntagma from Aghia Marina (Haidari), a distance covered today in more than 45 minutes using a Private Vehicle in rush hours.

Given that AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) constitutes one of the terminal Stations of the network and it is anticipated that this Station will serve the Western Entrance of the city and the western suburbs of Attica Region, provision was made in due time to have a Bus Transfer Station and a parking facility constructed along with the construction of the Station.
Today, a parking facility with a capacity of 380 private vehicles is under construction right next to AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) Station. It is a 4-storey building (underground, basement, 4 levels), while recently Attiko Metro completed the design for the extension of the underground area, so that its capacity be increased by 150 parking places for private vehicles, along with the re-development of the entire area. Moreover, a design is being prepared concerning the construction of a parking facility, with a capacity of 450 places, in Egaleo area that will commence in 2009; at the same time, a parking facility will be constructed in the central square of Aghia Varvara next to the future Metro Station.

Having completed the Extension to Aghia Marina (Haidari), we move forward to the construction of the Metro Line 3 Extension to Piraeus, for which the relevant Tender is already in progress. It is anticipated that the construction of the Line 3 Extension to Piraeus will commence at the end of 2008, on condition that no entanglements will emerge due to objections, appeals, etc. that may be filed by any of the six bidding Technical Firms/Companies.

In addition, the New Metro Line Extension in the 5th greatest Municipality of Greece is of equal importance. As we saw today, the works in PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI Stations advance at an intense pace, while recently (03/04/08) the line under construction was connected with the existing Metro network. In one and a half year, i.e. at the end of 2009, the Peristeri Municipality shall have 3 modern Metro Stations, which, thanks to their aesthetics, will embellish the wider area and will serve over 75,000 passengers on a daily basis.

At the same time and due to the Metro construction, the Ministry of PEHODE will create one of the greatest squares of Attica Basin, of an overall surface of 10,000 square meters, at the surface level of PERISTERI Metro Station; moreover, the design for the construction of an underground parking facility with a capacity of 450 places for private vehicles in ANTHOUPOLI terminal Station is in progress.

These Projects will certainly give the chance to the residents of Peristeri to reach the city center (Syntagma) in just 11 minutes and the area of Elliniko in less than 30 minutes traveling comfortably, safely and fast and…forget all about the past when these two itineraries were quite dreadful for drivers during rush hours.

The METRO itinerary does not stop at ANTHOUPOLI. Attiko Metro has already commenced the preparation of the preliminary design in view of further extending Line 2 towards Ilion and Petroupoli areas.

Nowadays, the largest front of Metro Projects ever constructed is being realized in Greece, totaling a budget of more than 2 billion EURO. Modestly, with responsible planning and systematic work, we move forward to the implementation of Major Projects.

Underground Metro Lines  (km.)

Metro Stations

March 200417,620
Extensions for the OLYMPIC GAMES8,54
Extension to Egaleo4,23
In operation until the present date30,327 
Currently Under Construction in Athens8,510
Currently Under Construction in Thessaloniki9,613
Currently Under Construction – In total 18,123
New Extensions in Athens (commen. end 2008)7,56
Total of Extensions25,629
Total of Underground Metro Network – ΑΤΤΙΚΟ METRO5656
Metro Line to the Airport20,74
Line 1 – ISAP25,623


AM_Haidari_grafimaTechnical Data

This project includes:

–  the tunnel of the line, approximately 1,5 km long, which is to pass beneath  Iera Odos and is constructed by means of the conventional NATM underground method.
–  AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) Station, in the building plot delimited by Iera Odos, Krinis, Katsarou and Aghias Marinas Streets, with two entrances/exits on either side of Iera Odos
–  a Transfer Station – Car Park Facility, which is constructed concurrently in the same area with AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) Station, with an approximate capacity of 380 vehicles. The build consists in a basement, the ground floor and four storeys, while ATTIKO METRO recently completed the design related to its extension, in order to increase its capacity by 150 parking spaces.
–  The Depot in the area of Eleonas, of a total surface of 86,000 m2, a project vital to the operation of Line 3. The Depot roof slab shall accommodate part of the Intercity Bus Terminal. Eleonas area
and it surroundings shall be significantly improved in terms of aesthetics with the construction of the Depot and the new Intercity Bus Terminal.

 This extension is anticipated to serve the transport needs in the wider area of Egaleo, Aghia Marina (Haidari) and Aghia Varvara and especially to serve specific destinations such as the Hospital for Infectious Diseases, the  ‘Dromokaitio’ Hospital, the Attiko Hospital and the area businesses.


Civil works project


AM_Souflias_may08The works for the construction of the project’s tunnel are now in progress at one front, and up to now the following tunnel sections have been bored:
– the twin track tunnel towards Aghia Marina (Haidari) Station, at a percentage of 100%, and
– the (twin and triple track) tunnel towards Also Shaft (direction to Egaleo Station) at a percentage of 63%


Up to now, the following tunnel sections have been bored:
– the twin track tunnel towards the end of the extension, at a percentage of 100%, and
– the twin track tunnel towards Aghia Marina (Haidari) Station, at a percentage of 100%

AGHIA MARINA (HAIDARI) Station and Transfer Station
–  Excavation and temporary retaining of the Station (100% completed)
–  Excavation and temporary retaining of the Transfer Station (100% completed)
–  Station waterproofing works (16% progress) and works related to the construction of the permanent lining (14% progress)


AM_Peristeri_3DTechnical Data

The project includes:

PERISTERI Station is constructed mainly using the C/C method along Panagi Tsaldari Av. where the town hall of Peristeri Municipality is located. Approximately thirty per cent (30%) of the Station is constructed using the underground boring method in order to mitigate any disturbance to vehicular circulation, since at this point there is a junction of six roads. PERISTERI Station will be composed of three levels with approximately the same outline (11,166 m2 total surface).

ANTHOUPOLI Station will be constructed using the C/C method underneath Anapafseos Street between Dodekanissou and Thivon Streets.Twin Track Tunnel
303m long, starting from FLEMING Shaft and terminating at Peristeri Station, which was not bored in the past using the Tunnel Boring Machine for safety reasons. This tunnel section was constructed using the conventional underground methods.

Twin Track Tunnel
28 m. long, constructed using the C/C method at Peristeri Station.

3 shafts in total
3 ventilation (blast) shafts (east and west shaft of Peristeri Station, as well as the terminal shaft at Aghios Ierotheos).

Progress of civil works


–  270 piles were driven at the station’s perimeter (100% completed)
–  Excavation and retaining (100% completed)
–  Reinforced concrete permanent lining (42% completed)
–  Waterproofing (41% completed)

AM_Anthoupoli_constrANTHOUPOLI Station

–  272 piles were driven at the station’s perimeter (100% completed)
–  Excavation and retaining (100% completed)
–  Reinforced concrete permanent lining (21% completed)
–  Waterproofing (53% completed)

 AGHIOS ANTONIOS – ANTHOUPOLI Tunnel section  (100%)


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