ATHENS METRO – Completion of the tunnel boring at AGHIOS ANTONIOS-ANTHOUPOLI Metro Line 2 Extension

AM_Break_Anthoupoli_Apr08The boring of the tunnel which shall connect the existing AGHIOS ANTONIOS Station on the Metro Line 2 extension with the metro currently under construction extension  to PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI Stations was completed today.

This is a 350m section, which, due to adverse geological conditions, had not been constructed in the past using the Tunnel Boring Machine and it was completed using the conventional NATM method in the framework of the current contracting work.
At the same time, civil works at PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI Stations are in full swing and in 2009 the Municipality of Peristeri will be served by three Metro stations (Aghios Antonios, Peristeri and Anthoupoli Stations).

We have to bear in mind  that the contracting work currently in progress includes the works related to the unification and the re-development of the central square of the Municipality of Peristeri. The total surface of the said square after its re-development will be 10,000 squ.m., and along with the new Metro Stations, it will notably upgrade the fifth most populated Municipality in Greece.

It is estimated that the Metro Line 2 extension from Aghios Antonios Station to Peristeri and Anthoupoli will serve 50,000 passengers on a daily basis. Upon completion of the works for this extension, the distance between Anthoupoli and the center of Athens (Syntagma square) will be covered in only 11 minutes, while it currently takes at least 45 minutes to cover the said distance by car during peak hours.

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