THESSALONIKI METRO – Data concerning the progress in the construction of the Thessaloniki Metro

AM_Thess_sept07_SMThe Thessaloniki Metro, 9, 6 km long, with 13 modern stations, is the largest public work currently under construction in Greece. A dream dating to about 15 years ago now becomes a reality for the citizens of Thessaloniki and the project proceeds at an intensive pace.
During the last 17 months, which elapsed since the conclusion of the relevant contract, all the fields concerning the construction of a Metro system, which shall be one of the best in Europe, gradually develop.
A total of over 450 persons of various specialties work currently on a daily basis for the Thessaloniki Metro, while the contracting consortium has developed the first 7 worksite areas in the city and gradually continues, following the necessary approvals granted by all the agencies involved, the installation of its worksite along the Line.


  • The first stage of the General Final Design of the Project and the studies for the required traffic arrangements and PUO network diversions have been completed; the approvals for the second stage as well as of the implementation designs (third and final stage) are currently under way.
  • The program of geotechnical and geological investigations along the alignment of the Metro (a total of 350 investigations) has been completed.
  • The necessary inventory and checking of the buildings located along the two individual tunnels (single track) has been completed.
  • PUO network diversions at 6 worksite areas have been completed and they are in progress at DIMOKRATIA and AGHIA SOFIA Stations.
  • The archaeological excavation with total extent of 5000 s.m. is at an advanced stage.
  • The construction of the start-up shaft of the two Tunnel Boring Machines at NEOS SIDIRODROMIKOS STATHMOS Station is in progress and until the end of the year the metromoles τροπόντικες Kassandros and Thessaloniki will arrive in town and upon their assembling below surface they will commence the construction of 2 individual tunnels of the Metro line.
  • The construction of VENIZELOU Station will commence with the construction of diaphragm walls by a state-of-the art machine, which recently arrived from abroad.
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