PERISTERI Station – Construction of the eastern ventilation shaft

Worksite Installation and traffic diversion

The works related to the construction of PERISTERI Station are currently under construction at the central municipal square in the area of Peristeri. For the operation of the station it is required to construct a ventilation shaft on Veaki Street at its intersection with P. Tsaldari Street.

For this reason, within the following days, the road pavement of Veaki Street will be occupied at its intersection with Akropoleos Street up to P.Tsaldari Street (see attached drawing). This occupation will result in rendering Veaki Street (from Roosevelt street to Akropoleos Street) and Akropoleos street (from Thermopylon Street to Veaki Street) dead-ends; at the said sections vehicles will circulate in order to serve the needs of the worksite and the adjacent businesses/residencies.

Through appropriate information signs, the circulation of vehicles will be directed towards Karatheodori Street, then on the right towards Ethnikis Antistasseos Street and finally at the junction with Panagi Tsaldari street where all they will be able to circulate.

Throughout the construction of works there will be a sidewalk, 1,20 to 2 m. wide along the perimeter of the worksite area, and the contracting consortium will take all the appropriate measures for the mitigation of the unavoidable disturbance, especially during the first phase of works (excavation of the shaft). It is expected that the main construction works will last 8 months and immediately afterwards the worksite occupation will be restricted and the circulation will be reinstated to its initial condition.

At its final condition, the grid of the ventilation shaft will occupy a total surface of 52 square meters, while the remaining area will be upgraded in terms of aesthetics, in co-operation with the Municipality of Peristeri.

Line 2 extension to Peristeri and Anthoupoli is provided for to be commissioned early 2009 and the two new Metro Stations will upgrade the area and mainly they will improve the daily life of the residents of Peristeri.

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