METRO LINE 2 EXTENSION TO ELLINIKO – Arrival of the Tunnel Boring Machine at ELLINIKO Station

The Minister of PEHODE, Mr. George Souflias, upon arrival of the  new Tunnel Boring Machine at HELLINIKO Station made the following statements:

“Quietly and without any inconvenience to the city function, the Tunnel Boring Machine named “Ninis” entered HELLINIKO Station,for the construction of the first 400 tunnel meters. Line 2 Metro extension to HELLINIKO is constructed today adhering to the the initial time schedule; in the following 15 months the “metromouse” will have constructed the entire tunnel of the project. Concurrently, construction works are carried out, night and day, at the 4 stations of the extension and 700 persons of various specialities are are engaged in Metro works at 14 worksite areas (stations, entrances/exits, ventilation shafts,underground train stabling area).

Late 2009, in the areas of ILIOUPOLI, ALIMOS, ARGYROUPOLI & HELLINIKO four modern Metro Stations will have been constructed, thus providing confortable, reliable and rapid transport services to the residents of the southern suburbs of Athens. Today, in rush hour, the distance from the area of Helliniko to Syntagma Square is covered in at least 35 minutes, while by Metro the same distance is covered in only 15 minutes. It is foreseen that more than 80,000 passengers will use the Metro on a daily basis, while based on the designs prepared by the ATHENS METRO S.A., at the four Municipalities there are 18, 000 work positions at a distance of up to 500m. from the new network stations.

At each Station, entrances/exits have been provided for on either sides of Vouliagmenis Av. which shall be equipped with illuminated sheds made of glass. Moreover, it has been provided for to construct bus transfer facilities,as well as car parks – for which relevant designs will soon be  prepared- at the four new Stations as well.

It is worth mentioning that taking into consideration the Metro works under construction in Athens and Thessaloniki and those which have commenced to be delivered, the length and the number of the existing Metro network are doubled.

We currently implement the most extended Metro project ever carried out in Greece, whose cost estimate exceeds 2 billion euros.

Τhe Metro network will continue to be extended in Attica Basin aiming at upgrading the quality of life in Athens. This will be also the case for the metro network in Thessaloniki. We keep working adhering to our schedule in a sense of responsibility aiming at enhancing the everyday life of citizens”.

Preparatory works and designs


  • A total of 150 drillings have been bored along the alignment of the Line extension, all the geotechnical designs have been carried out and their approval has almost been completed.
  • The preparation and the submission of all the designs related to structural works of the projects have been completed, while the designs for the retaining works have been approved.
  • The equipment for the geomechanical and structural monitoring of the project, including the automated collection and transfer of data has been installed.
  • Archaeological investigation works at 6 worksite areas have been completed, while the archaeological excavation at ALIMOS station is under way. Antiquities, such as ancient built-up areas, graves, streets and quarries came to light.
  • Works related to PUO network diversion are at an advanced completion stage.
  • Four main traffic diversions along Vouliagmenis Av. and some adjacent areas were implemented, which were deemed necessary for the development of the worksite areas.
Main Construction Works
  • Excavation/retaining works at DIASTAVROSSIS shaft have been completed.
  • Excavation/retaining works and the construction of the foundation floor at HELLINIKO Station have been completed.
  • Excavation/retaining works at ARGYROUPOLI and ILIOUPOLI Stations, as well as at HELLINIKO Station are under way.
  • The construction of piles at the underground train stabling area is under way.

TUNNEL BORING MACHINE with earth pressure balance shield

Main Technical Characteristics

Total Length:94 m.
Head diameter:9,5 m.
Weight:1.100 tn
Power:3.580 kW

The Machine is equipped with:
  • Control Center with up-to-date systems
  • Single track system deck for the discharge of prefabricated segments of the tunnel and other material
  • Crane
  • Grout pump system
  • Conveyor belt system (650 m3 per hour od excavation debris)
  • Infrastructure and connection with surface facilities (ventilation, power supply, cooling water, compressed air, etc.)
  • Interconnection system and telephone network
  • Facilities for the personnel (dining room, toilet area etc.)
  • Fireprotection and firefighting system
  • First aid equipment
  • Storage areas
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