ATHENS METRO – Diversion of Peristeri central square

AM_Peristeri_mapWithin the framework of the construction of Metro Line 2 extension to Peristeri and Anthoupoli, it has been provided for to permanently divert Panagi Tsaldari Street around the perimeter of Dimokratias Square (it is the central square in the area of Peristeri). The said diversion will not cease to exist upon commissioning of the new Station, since the Metro contracting work includes the unification and the configuration of the central square in the Municipality of Peristeri as well.

The said square will be approximately 10,000m2 long and taking into consideration the construction of the two highly aesthetic Metro Stations (PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI) it will significantly enhance one of the most populated Municipalities of the country.

This permanent diversion of the central square of Peristeri will be delivered to the public on Friday March 30th 2007.

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