The Minister of PEHODE, Mr. George Souflias, made the following statement:

“Another significant Project of the Athens Metro has been put into implementation today, following the conclusion of a contract for the construction of three stations of major importance in the Municipalities of Holargos, Halandri (Nomismatokopio) and Aghia Paraskevi.

The budget of this Project amounts to EURO 90 million. It is anticipated that more than 60,000 passengers shall use the 3 new stations on a daily basis. Suffices to say that it will take only 13 min. to travel from Nomismatokopio to Monastiraki by Metro in a safe and comfortable manner, while, during peak hours, it takes at least 45 min. to cover the same distance by car!

NOMISMATOKOPIO Station will be put into operation in summer 2008; the scope of the relevant contract includes the concurrent construction of a Transfer Station, as well as the construction of an underground parking area with a total capacity of 470 parking spaces for private-owned vehicles.

A few months later, HOLARGOS Station shall be commissioned, while in summer 2009, it is anticipated that AGHIA PARASKEVI Station shall be put into operation as well.

The Metro is the only reliable and environment-friendly means of addressing traffic in Attica basin. For this reason, since the first day of our service in the Ministry of PEHODE, the Metro extensions were granted priority over any other project in the Attica region. Today, two and a half years later, we have developed an extensive Metro project face, and thus, by 2012, the residents of Attica basin shall profit from a Metro network twice as long as the one operating before the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Through the Metro Projects in progress both in Athens and Thessaloniki, we double the length and the number of the stations of the Metro network currently operating in Greece. To be more specific, 22.3 km of a new underground line and 26 new stations in Athens and Thessaloniki shall be added to the 26.1 km-long Metro line with 24 stations operating in Athens, excluding the suburban railway line currently used by the Metro. At the same time, the tender for the further extension of Line 3 from Aghia Marina (Haidari) to Piraeus (8.2 km – 7 stations) is in progress, while the special designs required for the new Athens Metro Line 4 (20.9 km 20 stations) are under preparation.

Today, we are constructing the greatest face of Metro works ever executed in Greece with 45 active worksites in Athens and Thessaloniki and a total budget amounting to EURO 2 billion”.


The contract for the completion of the construction of HOLARGOS and NOMISMATOKOPIO Stations and the construction of AGHIA PARASKEVI Station of an overall budget of EURO 90,000,000 has been signed today with the contracting  ΑΕGΕΚ – IMPREGILO S.p.A. – ALSTOM Transport S.A. The scope of the Project includes the design, construction and commissioning of AGHIA PARASKEVI Station, as well as the completion of the construction and the commissioning of HOLARGOS and NOMISMATOKOPIO Stations, where the Civil Works have been executed at a great extent.


HOLARGOS Station follows ETHNIKI AMYNA Station and is located under Messogion Avenue, at its intersection with Faneromenis street. The remaining basic works for the commissioning of HOLARGOS Station are as follows:

  • Construction of the main shaft (Level A) of the Station, where the concourse area is located
  • Construction of the two entrances/exits
  • Installation of the architectural finishes
  • Installation of the E/M and railway systems of the Station.

NOMISMATOKOPIO Station is located on Messogion Avenue, at its intersection with Iridos street, right next to Nomismatokopio (National Mint).
The remaining basic works for the commissioning of the Station are as follows:

  • Construction of the eastern entrance/ exit
  • Installation of the architectural finishes
  • Installation of the E/M and railway systems of the Station.

At the street level of NOMISMATOKOPIO Station, a Transfer Station and an underground parking area of an overall capacity of 470 places shall be constructed.


AGHIA PARASKEVI Station shall be the 3rd station of Line 3 extension after ETHNIKI AMYNA Station and is located between NOMISMATOKOPIO and HALANDRI Stations. The Station extends on a surface of approximately 4,000m2, situated between Aghia Paraskevi, Polydouri, Thessalonikis and Ethnarhou Makariou streets, at the boundaries of Aghia Paraskevi and Halandri Municipalities, at a distance of approximately 700m from Aghia Paraskevi Square.

Contrary to HOLARGOS and NOMISMATOKOPIO Stations, the box of which has already been constructed, enabling, thus, construction of the relevant Stations with no impact on the Metro operation, no relevant construction work has been executed in AGHIA PARASKEVI Station. For this reason, at the construction phase of the station requiring dismantling of a tunnel section, the interruption of operation of Metro Line 3 shall be inevitable.

AGHIA PARASKEVI Station shall have two entrances on either side of Aghia Paraskevi street, connecting Aghia Paraskevi Square with former Kennedy Square in Halandri area. This Station is developed in 4 levels: track level, platform level, concourse level and, finally, mezzanine level, with a possibility of future demolition should a new road axis be created in this area..

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