Metro extension to Peristeri & Anthoupoli – Appointment of the temporary contractor

Upon appointment of the temporary contractor, the tender for the Metro extension to Peristeri and Anthoupoli was completed. The Minister of PEHODE made the following statement with regard to this issue:

“Upon conclusion of the contracts and the commencement of the Metro extensions to Helliniko and Aghia Marina (Haidari) (cost estimate: 530 million euros) another important project of the Athens Metro extension (approximate cost estimate: 100 million euros) enters the final stretch for its construction.
Today, upon appointment of temporary contractor, the tender for the Metro extension to Peristeri and Anthoupoli was completed.
A total of 12 major technical companies, from Greece and abroad, in four consortia, participated in the tender for the construction of the two new Metro Stations south of Athens.
The construction of the project will commence in June and the extension will be completed in the end of 2008 with the operation of the two new Stations.
Therefore, the biggest municipality of the western Athens, the Municipality of Peristeri will be served by three Metro Stations (Aghios Antonios, Peristeri, Anthoupoli); it is estimated that 75,000 passengers will be served on a daily basis.
I wish to remind you that, taking into account the Thessaloniki Metro project as well, we start the implementation of the most extended metro project throughout Europe! Works with a cost estimate rising to 1,8 billion euros will be constructed. A total of 26 new stations and 22,5 km of new line will be constructed”.

In particular:
Following the unsealing of the financial offers and taking into account the assessment of technical offers, the classification of the four bidding consortia which participated in Phase B’ of the Tender for the Metro extension to Peristeri/Anthoupoli is as follows:

J&P–AVAX–F.C.C. CONSTRUCTION79.420.000 €98,68
IMPREGILO – AEGEK – ALSTOM82.262.000 €96,83
AKTOR – SIEMENS – VINCI82.680.000 €95,96


The project includes the design and the construction of PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI Stations of the Metro Line 2 westbound extension (AGHIOS DIMITRIOS -AGHIOS ANTONIOS):

  • PERISTERI Station, which shall be constructed using the C/C method along Panagi Tsaldari Avenue where the Municipality of Peristeri is located. 30% of the Station will be constructed using the underground boring method in order to mitigate any disturbance to vehicular circulation, given that at the said location 6 roads intersect. It is pointed out that at the southern side of the Station all necessary construction works will be executed for the connection with the adjacent underground parking area. PERISTERI Station will have three levels with similar
    outline, whose total area will be 11,166m2.
  • ANTHOUPOLI Station, which shall be constructed using the C/C method underneath Anapafseos Street, between Dodekanissou and Thivon Streets. The new location of the Station resulted from the geotechnical investigations in the area of its initial location opposite Aghios Ierotheos football field, where it was identified that the soil was absolutely inappropriate. The construction of the Station at the said location would put at great risk both the project and the adjacent residencies, while it would not allow Line 2 further extension to Kipoupoli, Petroupoli and Ilion.

For all the reasons mentioned above, YPEHODE finally resolved to relocate ANTHOUPOLI Station by approximately 350 metres southwards. The Station will be constructed in such a way as to enable Line 2 extension both towards Aghios Ierotheos and towards Petroupoli and Liossia.

Moreover, YPEHODE investigates the possibility to have a car park constructed close to ANTHOUPOLI Station.

  • Double track tunnel, 303m. long, starting from FLEMING Shaft and ending at PERISTERI Station. This tunnel was not bored in the past with the use of the OFS for safety reasons. This tunnel section will be constructed below surface using conventional mechanical means.
  • 28m-double track tunnel section to be constructed using the C/C method at PERISTERI Station.
  • A total of three ventilation shafts (northern and southern shaft of Peristeri Station and the Terminal Shaft at Aghios Ierotheos).

Moreover, the construction of both stations will enhance in terms of aesthetics the area of the Municipality of Peristeri, since both stations will be aesthetically upgraded and the surface area of the Stations will be re-developped. It is worth mentioning that the tender procedure also includes the unification of Peristeri central area and the appropriate configuration of Panagi Tsaldari Avenue.

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