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CONSTRUCTION OF THE THESSALONIKI METRO – Progress of the tender for Thessaloniki Metro

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The Public Relations Department of the Ministry of PEHODE made the following statement with regard to the progress of the tender for the construction of the Thessaloniki Metro:

The Ministry of PEHODE gave priority to the tender for this complicated and much afflicted Thessaloniki Metro project, strictly observing the rules of the European and Greek legislation.

The time schedule was strictly adhered to and on August 19th the provisional contractor was appointed. This few-month delay is due to a lawful, still delaying, tactic adopted by the constructing companies, based on which the said companies have recourse to all possible directions in order to forward their interests. There was high competition and the construction price per km is lower by 15% as compared to the Athens Metro.

Consideration has been given by the Assigning Authority and the Greek courts to the total of the objections and the recourses. Until the present day, eight relevant petitions have been rejected by the Greek courts and within the next few weeks it is anticipated that the Athens Court of the first instance is to issue its last three decisions.

As to the denunciations to the General Directorate for Competition of the European Committee, it is pointed out that the standard procedure has been initiated. Based on this procedure, the European Committee informs ATTIKO METRO S.A. on the allegations of the complainants (in no case does it adopt them) and requests clarifications in order to issue a final decision. The Ministry of PEHODE, on its own initiative, has given priority to the examination of the said denunciations and the relevant decision of the European Committee is expected to be issued by the end of the year.

We wish to stress that there is no intention to have this project reprocured; the Ministry of PEHODE makes an effort to have this procedure completed the soonest possible and, then, proceed with the conclusion of the contract.

Moreover, it is stressed that the standard procedure of filing objections, which is applicable to all major projects, cannot be interpreted as “a threat of having the project reprocured”.

We reiterate that the tender was conducted based on transparent procedures in compliance with the rules of the European and Greek legislation and we are determined that a result will be soon achieved.

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