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LINE 2 EXTENSION – Procurement of Aghios Antonios-Anthoupoli Section


Based on the scheduling of the Ministry of the Environment with regard to the Athens Metro extension, announced on October 2004 15th 2004 by the Minister of PEHODE Mr.George Souflias, the BoD of ATTIKO METRO S.A. based on its resolution issued on November 26th 2004 proceeded with the Invitation to Tender for the completion of Line 2 extension, namely for the completion of the AGHIOS ANTONIOS & ANTHOUPOLI section.

The project under procurement includes the design, the construction and the commissioning of PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI Stations of Metro Line 2 westbound extension, along with the required tunnel ventilation shafts, as well as two remaining tunnel sections required for the completion of this extension.

More specifically, this procurement includes the following:

  • PERISTERI Station, which is to be constructed mainly using the cut & cover method in Panagi Tsaldari Avenue at the height of the Minucipality of Peristeri. 30% of the Station will be constructed using the underground boring method in order to minimize any inconvenience caused to the vehicles’ circulation since at that location there is a 6-road junction. It is pointed out that at the southern side of the Station, all the necessary construction works related to the connection with the future adjacent underground car park will be constructed. PERISTERI Station will comprise 3 levels with approximately the same outline, 11 166 m2 total surface.
  • ANTHOUPOLI Station which shall be constructed using the same methods as those used for the aforementioned Station underneath Anapafseos Street at the height of Aghios Ierotheos field. A Metro worksite has already been installed at that location since from this location the OFS machine commenced the boring and the construction of the tunnel. This Station will be constructed in such a way as to enable Line 2 extension towards Aghios Ierotheos, Petroupoli and Liossia. Moreover, ATTIKO METRO S.A. examines the possibility to construct a car park with high capacity in a plot adjacent to the Station.
  • A double track tunnel, 330m. long, at the height of PERISTERI Station, which was not bored in the past using the OFS for safety issues.
  • A double track forestation tunnel, 200 m. long, which shall commence from the north south side of ANTHOUPOLI Station.
  • Four ventilation shafts.

The cost estimate of the project ia estimated at 125 million euros and the Contractor is expected to commence its works next summer. The extension with the operation of the two stations is anticipated to be completed late 2007.

With the operation of PERISTERI and ANTHOUPOLI Stations, it is estimated that more than 60 000 passengers will be served on a daily basis. It will take just 13 minutes to travel by metro from the new terminal station of Line 2 to the city center (SYNTAGMA Station). This distance is currently covered by car in rush hour at least in 45 minutes.

In addition, the construction of the two Metro Stations will upgrade in terms of aesthetics the Municipality of Peristeri.It is worth mentioning that the Tender procedure also includes the unification of Peristeri Central Square and the appropriate configuration of Panagi Tsaldari Avenue.

Based on the statement made by Mr.George Souflias, Minister of Environment, the Athens Metro will continue to extend and improve, thus serving more and more suburbs of Athens, changing their image and invigorating local economy.

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