Brief description of the Contract/ Supply:

The scope of the Supply includes the design, construction, factory acceptance tests, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) for the Athens Metro Extensions.

More precisely:

Systems and Equipment

The scope of the supply shall include all hardware, software, accessories, materials and documentation. The Contractor shall supply all equipment and facilities necessary to meet all requirements of the Performance Specifications, including, especially, the following:

  1. All equipment associated with AFC system including:
    • One (1) Management Center including four (4) Work Stations.
    • Seventeen (17) computers in Stations and Workshop.
    • Printers.
    • Eight (8) Card Issuing Terminals (CIT).
    • Twenty (20) Portable Smart Card Readers.
    • One hundred and thirty (130) Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines (ATIMs) for paper contactless smart cards, paper tickets and for reloading smart cards and paper smart cards to be used in the new Stations.
    • One hundred and thirty (130) Validators for Smart Cards (SCV) and paper contactless smart cards and paper tickets.
    • Twenty (20) pedestals for SCVs.
    • Nineteen (19) TITE terminal machines for the reloading of smart cards and the issuance of paper contactless smart cards and paper tickets (dim. 40x80mm) in rolls. Such a machine shall be installed in the ticket office of each station and in the Workshop and shall be connected with the Station Computer.
    • Networking Equipment such as Switches, Routers, and data cables for LAN, WAN in the sixteen (16) Stations and the Workshop.
    • Power Supply System for AFC equipment of the sixteen (16) Stations, power cables, UPS, distribution panels.
  2. All necessary cables and cabling works for the equipment of the AFC machines.
  3. All equipment and software associated with any interfaces required, including the interfaces with the existing AM Center and the future OASA Center, to ensure that the operation of the system shall meet the specified performance requirements.
  4. All special test equipment and special tools, if required.
  5. Tools, spare parts and consumables for the three-year warrantee and maintenance of the Supply.
  6. All equipment necessary to carry out site testing and commissioning.
  7. Training tools, Operation and Maintenance manuals.
  8. A complete list of spare parts and consumables for each unit of AFC equipment along with a recommended replacement cycle and purchase details.

The scope of the Contractor’s works, systems, equipment, materials and services to be provided as well as the remaining works to be executed in the framework of this Contract are described in detail in the Contractual Documents of the Tender.

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