Brief description of the contract or supply(-ies)

The scope of the supply includes:

The Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commisioning of the Signaling System in the New Extensions of the Athens Metro Lines 2 and 3.

1.Extension of Line 2: Agios Dimitrios – EllinikoInstallation of a Signaling System for a 5.5 km Extension of the Line, including 4 Stations and one underground stabling area for eight trains-sets.
2.Extension of Line 2: Agios Antonios – AnthoupoliInstallation of a Signaling System for a 1.5 km Extension of the Line, including 2 Stations.
3.Extension of Line 3: First Phase: Egaleo – HaidariInstallation of a Signaling System for a 1.4 km Extension of the Line, including 1 Station.
4.Extension of Line 3: Second Phase: Haidari – PiraeusInstallation of a Signaling System for a 7.5 km Extension of the Line, including 6 Stations.

The Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning concerning the necessary Modifications to the Signaling System as regards the construction of the three (3) new Stations (HOLARGOS, NOMISMATOKOPIO, AGHIA PARASKEVI) of the existing Line 3 in its sections extending between ETHNIKI AMYNA and D. PLAKENTIAS Stations. It shall also include the installation and commissioning of the new double crossover, as well as the upgrading of the operation of D. PLAKENTIAS forestation. This section also included the upgrading of all point signals of the existing Metro network (Lines 2 and 3).

The upgrading of the Central Signaling System in the Operation Control Center (OCC) and the upgrading of the existing way-side signaling system in the entire Athens Metro network.

The Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning as regards the Installation of the ATP / ATO / PTI equipment on the 17 New Trains (Series III) of the Athens Metro.

Special equipment for personnel training, testing and maintenance, to be installed in Eleonas Depot. The preparation of the Detailed Final Design, the Three-Year Guarantee for good operation, the supply of the Spare Parts, Tools and the testing equipment, the Personnel Training, the compilation and delivery of the Documentation Documents, the Maintenance and Operation Manuals and the “As Built” Drawings for the entire scope of the Supply, in line with the stipulations of the Contract documents.

The Signaling System, shall include in particular and not limited to, the following:

  • Electronic interlocking systems, including interfaces with other systems.
  • Operators’ and maintenance work stations in local interlocking stations.
  • Work stations for maintenance and diagnosis purposes.
  • ATS interface equipment.
  • Uninterrupted power supply, including batteries.
  • Automatic Train Protection – ATP (including the on-board equipment).
  • Automatic Train Operation – ATO (including the on-board equipment).
  • Positive Train Identification – PTI (including the on-board equipment).
  • Track circuits of audio – frequency.
  • Point machines.
  • Indoor and outdoor cables of several types, including cable components.
  • Temporary supplies and installations.
  • Special tools.
  • Other equipment, such as buttons, switches, signs, balises, etc., as specified .
  • Cabling infrastructure (if not provided by other Contractors), such as cable trays, cable ducts, cable trunking, cable trenches.
  • Training and Maintenance Equipment.

The scope of works of the Contractor, the equipment and the materials to be delivered or to be upgraded as well as the remaining works to be executed within the framework of the Contract are described in detail in the Tender Documents, the Technical Description and the Design and Performance Specifications.

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