April 2015

  • AGHIA VARVARA Station: The works for the construction of columns up to the ceiling level were completed, while the woks for the construction of perimeter walls up to the ceiling level and the roof slab construction works are in progress;
  • KORYDALLOS Station: Works for the construction of Station access piles are in progress;
  • NIKEA Station: The works for the waterproofing and concreting of the main station NATM tunnel have been completed. TBM sliding works, as well as works for the erection of scaffoldings and the construction of the formwork for the concreting of staircases No. 5, 6 and 7, in the framework of the construction of the Station’s permanent lining, are in progress;
  • MANIATIKA Station: The works for the excavation of the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10thlevel of the station main building are in progress. In progress are also the works for the application of shotcrete at the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th level, the construction of pre-stressed anchors at the 6th and 7th level of the station main building, and the works for the construction of rock anchors (2nd, 3rd and 4th row) in the C/C area at P. Mavromichali Street;
  • PIRAEUS Station: Completed are the works related to the DW equipment assembly and the execution of a drilling and the installation of a piezometer. In progress are the works for the construction of Station guide walls, as well as the bentonite production and curing for the construction of DWs. In the framework of PUO network diversions, in progress are the diversions – EPA/PPC/water supply/sewage/OTE and suppliers/ILP fibre optics and C4i networks – within OLP area, as well as the diversion of the following networks: EPA, PPC MV and LV, OTE, ON, CYTA, FORTHNET, HOLL, water supply;
  • DIMOTIKO THEATRO Station: The waterproofing and concreting works of the foundation slab and the perimeter walls up to the platform level in the 1stsection (30m long) at Aghios Konstantinos Square were completed. In progress are the preparatory works for the construction of piles at P. Bakogianni square, as well as construction works for the diversion of a sewage network and of OTE network diversion overpasses at Panepistimio shaft;
  • Phases A’ and B’ excavation works (1st row of spiles) were completed (excavation progress 3m/140m at the single track tunnel to the University of Piraeus), while phase A’ excavation works (left half-section) (2nd row of spiles) (progress of phase A’ excavation 4.5m/140m) are in progress. Phase A’ and B’ excavation works (1st series of forepoles) (progress of excavation works 9/63) for the triple track NATM tunnel towards Dimotiko Theatro (Municipal Theatre) – were completed, while works for the construction of the 2nd row of forepoles are in progress;
  • Tunnel boring works have been completed by 50%.
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