June 2014

  • NIKEA Station: The excavation and muck disposal, as well as the construction of the temporary retaining (shotcrete, prestressed anchors, metal struts) at levels 5 and 6 of the main Station were completed. The excavation and disposal of excavation spoils of the main Station (levels 7, 8 and final excavation level), the construction of prestressed anchors of levels 7 and 8 of the main Station, the laying of shotcrete at levels 7, 8 and at the final excavation level of the main Station, the improvement and acceptance of the final excavation floor of the main Station’s C/C and the construction of NATM tunnel (Phase A’) of the Station are in progress;
  • MANIATIKA Station: The excavation, the laying of shotcrete and the construction of prestressed anchors at level 6 of the Station’s main building are in progress;
  • PIRAEUS Station: The worksite occupation / fencing of a part of access 2 and the diversion of fiber optics C4i, fiber optics of OLP/PPC/water supply and natural gas in OLP area were completed. Moreover, the construction of a temporary bridge at the NW edge of the pier, the installation of new passenger waiting areas, new WCs at new locations and the reduction of the sidewalk width at Kononos street, as well as the construction of new curbs were completed;
  • DIMOTIKO THEATRO Station: The construction of the building crane and the archaeological excavation at Aghiou Konstantinou square were completed, while the works for the reinstatement of the Archaeological Service building to be utilized for the storage, conservation and transfer of archaeological finds of the Project are in progress. The works for the construction of temporary retaining piles (33/51 piles) in Korai square are in progress;
  • The archaeological excavation at Deligianni Shaft was completed. The Central Archaeological Council (CAC) gave its expert opinion on the preservation of the pebble floor and the non-preservation of the remaining archaeological finds. The preparation of the design concerning the detachment of archaeological finds listed for preservation (pebble floor) was completed, while the works for the detachment of the subject finds are in progress;
  • The TBM maintenance works is completed prior to the commencement of the excavation works at the 2nd interstation.
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