February 2013

  • The first phase of the traffic arrangement has been completed and is in full swing, while the works for the construction of new sidewalks at the perimeter of Eleftherias Square in KORYDALLOS Station area, as well as the diversions of the PUO networks are in progress;
  • The relocation of kiosks in Odyssou Square along with the archaeological investigation works are in progress;
  • The investigation works for the sewage and storm water networks’ routing in Odyssou Square in PIRAEUS Station area are in progress;
  • The archaeological works in KORYDALLOS Station have been completed; no significant archaeological finds have been revealed, while the supplementary archaeological trenches are to commence soon;
  • The PUO network diversions in NIKEA Station area, as well as the traffic arrangement at the southern section of the station along Efessou Street are in progress.
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