July 2014

  • NEW RAILWAY Station: The construction of the NW & NE shaft, as well as the restoration of openings (level 1) at the crossover, are in progress;
  • DIMOKRATIAS Station: The construction of the southern part of the roof slab was completed;
  • PANEPISTIMIO Station: The excavation of level 4 has commenced;
  • PAPAFI Station: The works for the installation of the 4th level of struts have commenced;
  • EFKLIDIS Station: The demolition of the TBM false tunnel at level 4 was completed;
  • FLEMING Station: The excavation at the last level (level -3) was completed;
  • ANALIPSI Station & Crossover: The excavation and construction of the slab at level 3, construction works at ventilation shafts 1, 2 & 3, as well as the retaining & excavation works at the eastern access are in progress;
  • VOULGARI Station: PUO network diversions have commenced;
  • NEA ELVETIA Station & Crossover: The works for the construction of the foundation slab at the crossover have commenced;
  • DEPOT: The works for the construction of the 1st basement of building I were completed. The following works are in progress: excavation and retaining of building II-OCC, construction of the ground floor slab at the train passing through area, construction of parapet walls and columns of building I and the archaeological excavation at a part of building II.
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