May 2015

  • NOMARCHIA Station and Crossover: Construction works for the implementation of the traffic arrangements – Phase A have commenced, while works for the diversion of PUO networks are at an advanced stage. Piling works for the temporary retaining are in progress. The assembly of the building crane has been completed;
  • KALAMARIA Station: Works for the diversion of PUO networks are in progress;
  • NEA KRINI Station: Works for the retaining of the station are in progress (installation of struts at the 1st level);
  • MIKRA Station: The works for the construction of the temporary retaining system (pre-stressed anchors, bored piles) are at a completion stage, while works for the excavation of the NATM tunnel are at an advanced stage;
  • KRITI Shaft: Piling works for temporary retaining have been completed. Traffic arrangement works and worksite occupation works are in progress. Works for the construction of pile cap beams have commenced;
  • Preparation and approval of designs are in progress;
  • The expropriation of areas at ARETSOU Station, MIKRA Station portion and MIKRA Forestation is still pending.
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