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March 2016

  • In progress are the relocations of OTE & Fiber Optics networks at Ethn. Antistaseos street, street lighting at the sidewalk adjacent to Grigoriou Lambraki street and at the sidewalk adjacent to Ethnikis Antistasseos street. The water supply works commenced by EYDAP and are in progress at the sidewalk adjacent to Grigoriou Lambraki street (between Venizelou and Karaoli Streets).
    In the area of Evangelistria, at Grigoriou Lambraki Street the archaeological excavation works were completed. During the excavation of the tramway corridor, archaeological finds were revealed and a wide archaeological excavation was conducted.
  • Trackwork construction works in a continuous linear configuration are in progress from Papandreou bridge up to the middle of Grigoriou Lambraki Street (through M. Asias Street and Lambraki Street reversing). Earthworks for the construction of the tramway corridor commenced at Ethnikis Antistasseos Street. The works for the installation of tracks have commenced; they have been installed at a length of approximately 200m at Mikras Asias street (after Papandreou bridge) while the installation of tracks at a length of approximately 200m is about to commence at Gr. Lambraki Street (Pylis – Venizelou) along with another 200m. at Mikras Asias Street (pedestrian bridge – reverse).
    Moreover, works are in progress for the construction of Tramway stops on Mikras Asias street and at Gr. Lambraki bridge. Earthworks have commenced for the construction of Evangelistrias Stop, along with the works for the connection of Karaiskaki Stop with the existing underground passage. The foundation of Lambraki pedestrian bridge is completed and the works for its super-structure are being scheduled. Catenary poles foundation works have been completed at Mikras Asias Street and the same works will be completed soon at Gr. Lambraki Street.
  • The urban planning works at the sidewalk adjacent to Grigoriou Lambraki Street (from Lambraki Bridge up to Venizelou), to Ethnikis Antistasseos Street, at the opposite sidewalk at Vassileos Georgiou Street, etc. are in progress.  48 systems for the underground installation of trash containers have been installed, while their acceptance procedure and their immediate operation is being scheduled.
    (The reference “opposite” and “adjacent sidewalks” is related to the Tramway traffic).
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