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June 2015

  • The works for the relocation of the sewage network located at the adjacent sidewalk of Omiridou Skylitsi street (from Ippodamias square – 34th Syntagmatos street), of the two sewage pressure pipes at Vas. Georgiou street and of the stormwater network in Mikras Asias street have been completed. The works for the relocation of sewage & EPA networks have commenced and are in progress at Vas. Georgiou street. In progress are also works for the relocation of the sewage network, EYDAP water-supply network, natural gas network and OTE networks at the sidewalk of Gr. Lambraki street, adjacent to the tramway corridor, as well as the relocation of the sewage network at the sidewalk of Om. Skylitsi street, across (Ippodamias square – 34th Syntagmatos street);
  • Archaeological finds were revealed at the trenches excavated for the relocation of the PUO networks at the sidewalk adjacent to Gr. Lambraki & Vas. Georgiou streets, while archaeological excavation works are in progress;
  • Construction works (foundation piling) for the pedestrian bridge at Lambraki Bridge are completed, while in progress are technical works in the area where KARAISKAKI stop is foreseen to be located, at Lambraki reversing point, etc.;
  • In progress are earthworks for the tramway corridor at Papandreou bridge, at Mikras Asias and Gr. Lambraki Streets, as well as trackworks at Myrtidiotissa bridge. In progress are also the execution of investigation trenches for the catenary poles, as well as the manufacturing of the prefabricated trackwork slab;
  • Completed are the works for the urban planning of the sidewalk of Ethnikis Antistaseos street (except from the 1st block), the area underneath Papandreou bridge, the junction of Akti Themistokleous and Ragavi streets, as well as the junction of Bouboulinas and Grigoriou Lambraki streets (Kanari square – bollards not installed yet) etc. Urban planning works at the sidewalk of Grigoriou Lambraki street have commenced and are in progress. The configuration of Alikakou square is at the completion stage.
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