January 2017

• Along the double track tunnel, from the beginning of the extension up to TBM startup shaft, phases B’ and C’ excavation works of to Aghia Marina have been completed. In progress are the preparatory works for the demolition of the wall for connection with the tunnel.

• AGHIA VARVARA Station: In progress are filling works at staircases 5 and 6.

• NIKEA Station: In progress are painting works in the technical rooms of level -3 (platform slab), as well as at level -4 (track level) of the main Station. Moreover, epoxy painting works of industrial floors in individual technical rooms of the Station are in progress.

At the northern entrance of the main Station, in progress is the construction of exterior perimeter walls of access 2.

• MANIATIKA Station: In progress are excavation works and the spraying of shotcrete – installation of the 14th/15th level anchors (deepening area) at the the main Station pit.

In the main tunnel of the Station, the works for the excavation and temporary retaining of the E/M tunnel, as well as the station’s earthing works have been completed. In progress are the waterproofing works and works for the permanent lining of the reverse arch –walls.

• PIRAEUS Station: Jet grouting works at the southern front, as well as works for the installation of the oil separator in ISAP area are in progress.

At Roloi shaft, the diversion of the storm water pipe is in progress.

• DIMOTIKO THEATRO Station: At the ventilation shaft, in progress are the works for the construction of the temporary retaining down to level -3.00 (5th level).

In the NATM triple track tunnel leading to Dimotiko Theatro, concreting works of the permanent lining of the reverse arch (63m/63m) have been completed, while the waterproofing of the vault is in progress.

In Panepistimio Shaft, in progress is the archaeological excavation in the remaining part of the shaft’s outline and the building crane’s foundation outline.

In the ventilation tunnel of Panepistimio shaft, in progress is the excavation and temporary retaining – Phase A’ (Top) 20m/32m and Phase B’ (Invert) 19m/32m.

The excavation of all tunnels has been completed by 67.5%.

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