Facilities for PSNs in Stations and Trains

Facilities for PSNs in Stations and Trains


The Athens Metro Stations and trains are absolutely PSNs-friendly. Although such provisions were not included in the initial scope of the Contract, ATTIKO METRO S.A. and the Ministry of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks deemed that it was absolutely necessary to include the said infrastructure in the scope of the Project and undertook the required actions in order to ensure their integration into the System.

The following features have been included in the Stations of Lines 2 and 3 of the Metro network in order to accommodate the Persons with Special Needs.

For Semi-Ambulant Users

  • Stripes on the First and Last Riser of the Stairs
  • Extended Handrail beyond the first and last risers of each stair by 1 meter
  • Direction Indicators & Emergency Push Buttons for the Interruption of the Escalators Operation
  • Platform Edge – Additional Warning Stripping
  • Signs and Graphics – Improved Legibility
  • Signs and Graphics showing the facilities provided
  • Lighting Level Improvements
  • Accessible Seats on Platform
  • Twin Handrails at Bi-directional Stairs
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Large Electrical Switches
  • Dense grilles in accessible manholes
  • Curb cuts (Ramps)“
  • Guide for sight impaired persons”

For Wheelchair Users

  • PSN Equipped Lifts at All Stations
  • Pre-recorded Announcements at the lift cabins
  • Intercommunication with the Station Master at the lifts cabins
  • Ramps for Level Changes
  • Emergency Telephones at Concourse and Platform Levels
  • Widening of the corridors at the exits of the lifts and installation of an additional control panel at low level.
  • Accessible Administrative Area at the Depots
  • Toilets for wheelchair users in all stations and depots
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