Additional ATTIKO METRO S.A. business fields

Additional ATTIKO METRO S.A. business fields

The Greek State, in recognition of the potentials and know-how of ATTIKO METRO S.A., for the construction of major transport infrastructure projects, through a recent legislative regulation, (Article 145, Law 4070/ 10.4.2012), integrated the following fields into the Company’s objectives and business activities:

  1. Implementation of urban interventions, re-development of public areas, pedestrianization works or other traffic arrangements in the wider area of the Projects falling under the Company’s scope of activities, i.e. in the framework of METRO and TRAMWAY Projects.
  2. Preparation, on behalf of third parties in Greece and abroad, of transit and transportation projects’ designs of any type and phase, organization and management designs, research programs (e.g. H2020 RESOLUTE project), as well as the provision to third parties of services for supporting and managing corresponding projects, all against the respective fee.

The first legislative regulation solves a major problem involving the local communities and the municipalities where Metro or Tramway projects are constructed, since it has been ascertained that, frequently, there is the need to implement supplementary works that either enhance station accessibility or ensure environmental protection in the areas around the stations, where, due to increased vehicular traffic mainly towards the Metro Stations, traffic problems or uncontrolled parking related issues are often observed in the local road network. Thus, through this regulation, ATTIKO METRO S.A. is given the option to perform similar works aiming at improving accessibility, re-development and environmental protection conditions in the wider area where works are executed.

In addition, this regulation gives ATTIKO METRO S.A. the possibility to expedite the implementation of the project concerning the re-development of Panepistimiou Street and, in general, of the centre of Athens, in combination with the extension of the Tramway network from Syntagma to Ano Patissia (Aigyptou Square at a first phase).

The second legislative regulation, acknowledging the experience and technical skills of ATTIKO METRO S.A. executives in the design and management of quite complex and specialized projects, gives the option to the Company to provide corresponding technical services to third parties. It is worth mentioning that all services mentioned above shall be provided in Greece and abroad against the respective fee, yielding, thus, revenues to the Company.


The My-TRAC team is happy to announce the second pilot phase of the project has now kicked off!

Almost a year after the first pilot phase and evaluation, the My-TRAC team has created a new version of the My-TRAC application. Just like in the first phase, the app will be tested by travellers in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Greece in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more!

The My-TRAC app offers the following characteristics:

  • Travel companion: applies behavioral analytics and AI techniques to provide a seamless door-to-door experience that suggests solutions and available options when they are necessary during a journey.
  • User-based data platform: provides data for application operators and Travel Companion as well as connecting with external services such as booking, ticketing and analytics modules.
  • Trip tracking services: help guide passengers from A to B by the best means available, from smaller scale (e.g. use exit X of station Y) to larger scale concerns (e.g. carpark Z has more spaces).
  • Social Market service: enhances provider interactions with passengers during trip, offering additional products and services like discounted transport, leisure activities and Wi-Fi access.
  • Advanced Human Machine Interface: adapts Travel Companion with the most suitable interface to match users’ profile, preferences and specific accessibility needs.
  • Web-based interface for operators: collects past passenger data to improve and adjust services to each traveler’s individual needs and preferences.

Just like in the first phase, real travellers will use the application, whereby they accumulate points and can win vouchers to spend in shops in their area, or travel tickets.

The app can be downloaded via the Play Store (Android only)

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