Construction of TRAMWAY extensions

Construction of TRAMWAY extensions

ATTIKO METRO S.A. by virtue of the recent legal provision (Number of Law 4070/12) assumed the responsibility to continue the expansion of the Tramway network, after a design and construction of the sections on the existing lines, as exhibited below:

Extension to Piraeus (Νeo Faliro – Downtown area – Piraeus Port)
Project Data
RouteNeo Faliro – Mikras Asias – Lambraki – Vas. Georgiou A’ – Port – Ethn. Antistaseos – Om. Skylitsi – Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF)
LengthTo Piraeus: 3.1 km
From Piraeus: 2.3 km
Number of Stops7 new stops on the inbound route: Karaiskaki Stadium – M. Asias – Lambraki – Evangelistria – Pl. Deligianni – Dimarchio – Akti Possidonos
5 new stops on the outbound route: Ag. Triada – Pl. Ippodamias – 34ou Syntagmatos – Androutsou – Om. Skylitsi


On January 14th 2013, ATTIKO METRO S.A. and THEMELI S.A. Contracting Company signed the Contract for the construction of the Tramway Extension to Piraeus, of an amount equal to EURO 61.5 million. This Project is funded in the framework of the National Strategic Reference Framework and “Attica 2007-2013” Operational Program, as well as in the framework of “Attica 2014-2020” Regional Operational Program, and it is supervised by the Special Service for the Management of the Operational Program “Attica Prefecture”.

Prior to the commencement of the main construction works, new traffic arrangements were implemented in the centre of Piraeus in view of providing improved services to the citizens.

The construction of the project commenced in April 2014 and it is anticipated to be completed in the second semester of 2018, while at the same time ATTIKO METRO S.A., will supply, along with an international tender, 25 new Tramway vehicles to support the new extension.

Apart from the transportation services to be offered, the areas of Piraeus served by the tramway network are drastically upgraded, since ATTIKO METRO S.A. decisively contributes to the upgrading of the areas served by the Tramway network by enriching greenery in existing parks and planting new trees, bushes etc., as well as by creating new green areas.

In the framework of the Project, a new modern system for waste collection in underground containers will be installed.

Piraeus Extension – Phase B’ (Neo Faliro – City Centre – Piraeus Port)
Project Data
RouteConnection between the centre of Piraeus and Hatzikyriakio Foundation and Freatyda
Length2.8km of single track and 1 km of double track
Number of Stops10 new stops

Extension to Argyroupoli
Project Data
RouteElliniko – Depot – Argyroupoli
Length1.1 km
Number of Stops3 new stops

Εxtension from Syntagma to Egyptou Square (Pedio tou Areos)
Project Data
RouteSyntagma – Pedio Areos
Length2.2 km
Number of Stops4 new stops

Extension to Keratsini
Project Data
RoutePiraeus Port – Keratsini Port
Length3.8 km
Number of Stops6 new stops

The Athens Tramway network consists in two lines and runs the routes from Syntagma to Voula, from Syntagma to Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) and from SEF to Voula. Its total length is 25.9km (including also the 2.2km of the line connecting the Depot with the service line).

The Project is an investment of 340 million EURO and was funded mainly with subsidies from the Community Support Programs and Loans from the European Investment Bank.

For the largest portion (95%) of its network, the Tramway vehicles run on an exclusive use corridor.

There is a total of forty eight (48) stops on the Tramway network, three (3) of which, i.e. “SYNTAGMA”, “SEF” and “ASKLIPIIO VOULAS” are terminal stops. The average distance between stops is 460 meters and there are four (4) stops giving the option to transfer to the Metro, namely the stops of Syntagma, Neos Kosmos, Fix and SEF.

The average travel speed of the Tramway vehicles is 22 km/h and the max. speed they are permitted to reach is 70 km/h on the coastal section of the route and 50 km/h on the urban section.

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