Project progress

Project progress


Thessaloniki Metro

Thessaloniki Metro is the largest transport, development and environmental infrastructure project currently under construction in our country, an investment exceeding 1.5 billion euros for the two lines under construction. Upon its completion, the city of Thessaloniki will become a modern European city, with a decisively improved urban landscape and living conditions for the citizens.

According to the Attiko Metro S.A. planning, the project is expected to be commissioned within 2023.

Thessaloniki Metro (Basic Project) consists of a 9.6 km long line, 13 modern stations and a 55,000m2 Depot in the area of Pylea.

There shall be 18 fully automatic driverless and air-conditioned trains of the latest technology, as well as automatic Platform Screen Doors in each station for improved passenger service and safety.

It is expected that upon completion of the project, the daily ridership shall rise to 313,000 passengers. In addition and as a result of the project’s operation, the number of the circulating private vehicles shall be reduced by 57,000 vehicles / day, and the respecting CO2 emissions shall be reduced by 212 tons per day

Given the project’s construction incorporates the most recent technologies and the most demanding standards of quality and functionality, Thessaloniki Metro will undoubtedly be the most modern Metro system in Europe.

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January 2007

  • The PPC network diversions in the area of NEOS SIDIRODROMIKOS STATHMOS were completed. The diversions of PUO networks have commenced as of the beginning of summer 2006 and the relevant works are being executed by the Organizations concerned at the expense of ATTIKO METRO. In this was, thanks to the Metro the PUO networks are being replacement and modernized.
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