Extension to Kalamaria

Extension to Kalamaria

The Expansion to Kalamaria, which is already in an advanced construction phase, includes 5 new Stations (Nomarchia, Kalamaria, Aretsou, Nea Krini and Mikra) located along an underground line 4.78 km long.

It is expected that upon completion of the project, the daily ridership shall rise to 63,000 passengers. In addition and as a result of the project’s operation, the number of the circulating private vehicles shall be reduced by approximately 12,000 vehicles / day, and the respecting CO2 emissions shall be reduced by 43 tons per day. The distance between Mikra Station and the center of the city shall be covered in just 15 minutes

This project will undoubtedly upgrade Kalamaria Municipality in terms of transport services and the environment, while it shall also substantially improve the quality of the citizens’ daily lives.

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May 2014

  • TBM Start-up Shaft, Micra: The works for the construction of piles and cap beams are in progress.
  • Topographic works at various locations of Kalamaria Extension Project, as well as the preparation, review and approval of the designs for the relocation and diversion of PUO networks, the designs for traffic arrangements-diversions, as well as the Final Designs of the stations, are in progress.
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April 2014

  • Piles constructed and excavations performed at the TBM start-up shaft at Micra;
  • The Supplementary Geotechnical Survey was completed concerning all locations of the Project;
  • The preparation of designs for the PUO networks relocation and diversion, the designs concerning traffic arrangements – diversions and the final designs are in progress at various locations of the Project at Kalamaria extension;
  • Topographical works and works for the inventory of buildings and structures within the project influence zone are in progress.
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