Extension to Kalamaria

Extension to Kalamaria

Thessaloniki Metro line is currently being extended towards the areas of Nomarchia, Kalamaria, Aretsou, Nea Krini and Micra. This underground extension shall be 4.78km long with 5 new Stations. More precisely, the project concerning the first extension of Thessaloniki Metro to Kalamaria was tendered on May 6th, 2009 and the relevant contract was concluded on June 2013 with AKTOR ATE Joint Venture. The total budget of the project amounted to 518 million (400 million € concern the contract in question). This project has been integrated in the National Strategic Framework – “Macedonia – Thrace” Business Plan and is funded by the European Investment Bank. In June 2014, construction works have commenced at NEA KRINI Station, which is included in the Thessaloniki Metro extension to Kalamaria, and constitutes the second Metro worksite after the TBM startup shaft.

Moreover, the infrastructure for the future extension of the Metro Line to the Airport is foreseen to be constructed together with a well-organized Bus Transfer Station in the area of Micra Station. A car parking facility is also planned to be constructed in the same Station.

This extension shall service more than 65,000 passengers, proportionally reducing the number of trips by private vehicles. It shall only take 15 minutes to cover the distance from Micra Station to the center of Thessaloniki. This project shall upgrade the municipality of Kalamaria in terms of transportation and environment, improving at the same time citizens’ every-day life.

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May 2014

  • TBM Start-up Shaft, Micra: The works for the construction of piles and cap beams are in progress.
  • Topographic works at various locations of Kalamaria Extension Project, as well as the preparation, review and approval of the designs for the relocation and diversion of PUO networks, the designs for traffic arrangements-diversions, as well as the Final Designs of the stations, are in progress.
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April 2014

  • Piles constructed and excavations performed at the TBM start-up shaft at Micra;
  • The Supplementary Geotechnical Survey was completed concerning all locations of the Project;
  • The preparation of designs for the PUO networks relocation and diversion, the designs concerning traffic arrangements – diversions and the final designs are in progress at various locations of the Project at Kalamaria extension;
  • Topographical works and works for the inventory of buildings and structures within the project influence zone are in progress.
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