Automatic Train Protection (ATP)Ensures train breaking / cab signaling
Automatic Train SupervisionCentral CAD Control, with Automatic Route Setting and Positive Train Identification
Interlocking (IXL)Geographic, relay-type interlocking (Base Project) – Electronic Interlocking controlled by a computer (Extensions)
Automatic Train Protection (ATP)Automatic Train Protection, with constant calculation and monitoring of the train speed, according to the conditions on the track
Cab SignalingAudiovisual warning and speed control according to the signals
Track circuitsSelective frequency and phase AC track circuits in the depot areas. Remotely-controlled audio frequency track circuits in the areas controlled by the ATP
SignalsDouble-faced signals with filaments (Base Project), Double-faced Light Emitting Diode (LED) signals (Extensions)
TurnoutsMotorized point machines, with the option for manual control
Passenger Information SystemElectronic boards on the platforms showing the train arrival time
Operation Control Center (OCC)Automatic Train Supervision and time-table control. Mosaic Mimic Panel. Computer terminals with detailed monitors and keyboard input
Local Control (Low)Local Control Panel, mosaic type (Base Project), Local Workstation controlled by a computer (Extensions)
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)Six-hour autonomy throughout the Metro network
Modes of Operation
  1. Central Control (Syntagma)
  2. Local Control (Shunting Station)
  3. Manual Control
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