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ATHENS METRO: HOLARGOS metro station is given to the public

“HOLARGOS” STATION & UNDERGROUND PARKING FACILITIES AT “NOMISMATOKOPIO” STATION HOLARGOS Station is given to the public. HOLARGOS Station is located at a depth of 22 meters underneath Messogion Avenue at its junction with Faneromenis Street. During the ceremony for the delivery of the project to ATTIKO METRO Operations Company S.A., the Chairman of ATTIKO METRO S.A., Mr. […]
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THESSALONIKI METRO: Press Conference about the planning of works in the urban cluster of Thessaloniki

ATTIKO METRO SA 06.07.2010 The Minister of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks, Mr. Dimitris Reppas, along with the Deputy Minister, Mr. Yiannis Mangriotis, and the Secretary General Mr. Yiannis Oikonomidis visited PANEPISTIMIO Station of THESSALONIKI METRO. Mr. Christos Tsitouras, Chairman of ATTIKO METRO S.A. and Mr. George Konstantinidis, Project Manager of THESSALONIKI METRO, gave them a […]
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ATHENS METRO – Mr Christos Tsitouras, chairman of Attiko Metro S.A.,signed a new agreement on the new credit facility of 150 milion for the extension of Athens Metro

18/6/2010 ATTIKO METRO S.A. “Funding of Attiko Metro S.A.  projects” The European Investment Bank approved a loan amounting to EURO 150,000,000 to be granted to ATTIKO METRO S.A. – based on favorable terms (same as those applicable to the remaining member-states of the European Union) – in view of funding the following projects, namely: Extension […]
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ATHENS METRO – Art Journeys in the Metro

Attiko Metro S.A. successfully incorporated art in citizens’ every-day life – for the first time ever in a public project – by displaying 30 contemporary works of art of reputable Greek artists, which embellish Athens Metro Stations. Attiko Metro Art Program is evolving through new works of art displayed in both the existing Metro Stations […]
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THESSALONIKI METRO – Mr. Magriotis, Deputy Minister of Infrastructures, Transportation and Networks, visited the Metro worksite and the Sintrivani crossover and attended TBM’s breakthrough

Mr. Ioannis Mangriotis, Deputy Minister of Infrastructures, Transportation and Networks, visited today ATTIKO METRO A.E. Premises in Thessaloniki and had a meeting with the Management of the Company. In the subject meeting, Mr. Mangriotis was informed about the progress of ATTIKO METRO A.E. works, as well as about the problems that have been encountered during […]
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ATHENS METRO – Completion of the tender for the supply of 17 new trainsets for the Athens Metro

The Press and Public Relations Office of the Ministry of PEHODE issued the following press release: Further to the completion of the international Tender with a total budget of 155 million €,  the contract for the supply of 17 new Metro train sets was signed today; these trains will accommodate the needs of the network […]
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ATHENS METRO- Three new works of art at the Athens Metro network

The Athens Metro, apart from offering comfortable, rapid and reliable trips, also contributes to the substantial improvement of the quality of life in the capital through the combined exhibition of significant archaeological articles that came to light during the metro excavation works and artworks by contemporary Greek artists. For the first time in a public […]
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